Re: Adding session to login

Yes, sorry, I meant to update everyone (and thank them as well). What I did was
add a line starting the xf window manager. So now my session script has a line:

exec xfwm
exec startxfce

I don't know if the second line is absolutely necessary, but I do know that it
works now.
BTW I don't know about what rufus found, but I can find a file called startxfce
in my /usr/X11R6/bin/ it was how I was starting xfce from the command line

Thanks everybody for your help.

Jonathan wrote:

> Jonathan:
> Did you ever get xfce to work from gdm?  Looking at your last post, it
> appears that you are calling "startxfce" from the xdm Xsession script.  When
> I looked at the xfce RPM on rufus, there is no such program included (it
> installs /usr/X11R6/bin/xfce, not /usr/X11R6/bin/startxfce).  You may want
> to try fixing this to point to the correct executable (i.e.: xfce) and give
> it another shot.
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