Re: gnoem control panel

I have a supplement to the questions.
I am systemadministrator. How can I global configure icons into the

/etc/skel isnīt the answer, because is only valid for new users. 
A what is with the (e.g. 8000) old users? 

Exists a systemfile or dicectory for systemadministration?
It would be important!


Gerd Heide 

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Warren Young wrote:

> Richard Couture wrote:
> > 
> >         2.      The recommended methods of changing the system wide
> >                 panel that will be propagated to all new users that
> >                 are added to the system
> The proper way to do this is to put the site-wide menu items in the
> "shared" GNOME directory.  With the Red Hat RPMs, this is in
> /usr/share/gnome/apps.  It has exactly the same format as the user's
> .gnome/apps directory.  Surely this directory is already NFS-shared to
> your clients?
> There's a need for GNOME docs right now.  Perhaps you could write some
> from an administrator's perspective.  I suspect that you're on the
> bleeding edge a bit: most people are using GNOME in a
> personal-workstation setup, not a centrally-controlled network-computer
> environment.  I'm sure GNOME can work here, it's just a matter of
> documenting the proper procedures.

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