Re: gnome crashing

jack wallen,jr said once upon a time (Thu, 27 May 1999):

> hey guys,
> i've been lurking around for a while, reading and enjoying.  i'm not a
> developer - just a user.  i've posted a problem to the list and managed to
> get a fix for the problem.  the problem i'm referring to is the good old
> gnome starup taking forever, therebye producing a core file and then
> rendering the shutdown menu option worthless.  
> the fix was to remove all the .gnome files and directories in my home
> directory and let it rebuild.  this worked fine and gnome reacted okay for
> a day or so but the problem is back and happening a bit more frequently.
> the problem seems to always be related (file core) to one applet or
> another.  
> has anyone come up with a more permenant fix for this problem?  or is
> there a file that i'm missing?  i'm removing (rm -rf) .gnome* and
> .ICEauthority and .Xauthority.  is there something else?  

I used to get lots of core files and long start/shutdown times.   That is
one reason I made the updated RPMs.  After I installed the updated RPMs,
and removed .gnome*, I no longer get core files.

Dax Kelson

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