Re: more problems with drive mount

Is the mount command setuid root?  It needs to be for the drive mount
applet to work correctly.  To set the suid bit on it, run:
  chmod u+s /bin/mount

If you have this set, and the user option turned on in /etc/fstab for the
particular device, the command "mount /floppy" should work correctly.  If
it does, drive mount will work.



On Wed, 26 May 1999, Ben Frantzdale wrote:

> Unfortunately...
> [root@armory-us337 .gnome-desktop]# chmod 666 /dev/fd0
> [root@armory-us337 .gnome-desktop]# exit
> exit
> [ben@armory-us337 .gnome-desktop]$ mount /floppy/
> mount: must be superuser to use mount
> [ben@armory-us337 .gnome-desktop]$ 
> thanks,
>     Ben

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