Re: Solaris zvt problem found and squashed writes:
> On 24 May, Paul Barnfather wrote:
> +-----
> | wrote:
> | > (On my system, it gets the -R automatically via libtool.  ???)
> | 
> | Hmm. Not here. Looking at the Makefile, I see:
> | 
> | gnome-pty-helper: $(gnome_pty_helper_OBJECTS)
> | $(gnome_pty_helper_DEPENDENCIES)
> |         @rm -f gnome-pty-helper
> |         $(LINK) $(gnome_pty_helper_LDFLAGS) $(gnome_pty_helper_OBJECTS)
> | $(gnome
> | pty_helper_LDADD) $(LIBS)
> | 
> | So, no -R (if I am looking in the right place, that is).
> +--->8

You're probably not looking at the right place.  Libtool "knows" what
flags to pass when building a shared lib, and makes it unnecessary to
list such flags in the Makefile.
> | chown: unknown user id root.root
> | make[1]: [install-exec-local] Error 2 (ignored)
> | 
> | Is the error significant? Please excuse my total ignorance...
> | The `chown` syntax looks wrong to me. Do I need a GNU chown?
> +--->8
> This is GNOME; you have to be running "GNU/Solaris", not merely Solaris.
> (I'm still astonished that they bother making it "portable" when it requires
> me to effectively replace every single program on the system with GNU
> versions (yes, *some* are broken.  The above is not "something is broken",
> it's GRATUITOUS), but for some reason "works if you replace the system with
> ours" is considered a valid definition of "portable".

It is not clear there is one right `chown' syntax.  The SysV (or at
least Solaris) syntax appears to be owner:group.  The BSD variant
(e.g. in SunOS) appears to be  "Thankfully", the GNU
chown supports both syntaxes.  So, your flame appears gratuitous,
since it doesn't suggest an alternative.  We can fix the above problem
by using separate chown and chgrp commands, and I've committed that fix.

A really nice alternative would've been if `automake' allowed you to
specify individual install flags, as in

        gnome_pty_helper_INSTALLFLAGS = -o root -g root

Oh well...

- Hari
Raja R Harinath ------------------------------
"When all else fails, read the instructions."      -- Cahn's Axiom
"Our policy is, when in doubt, do the right thing."   -- Roy L Ash

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