Re: The State Of The Art

The Dr wrote:
>>Nope.  The screen looks flat.  It's just a way of extending your desktop 
>>a virtual desktop does) but so that it's huge, but you can't easily get 
>>on it (partly because you can remember where things are spatially, partly
>>because the little "overview" window shows you where you are).

Nils Jeppe <> responded:
>Excuse me, but where is this different from what we have these days?
The difference is that existing virtual desktops are flat and rectangular.  
A wraparound desktop is new, especially if it's conceptually spherical (or 
tubular).  It's like you're sitting inside a sphere, in a chair at the 
center of it.  The walls of the sphere are where your work sits; open 
documents for Project A over there, xterms to all the systems over *there*, 
xconsole down *there*, etc, etc.  You just spin the chair around so that 
you're looking at the section of the desktop that you're concentrating on at 
the moment.

> > >PS. Who the hell you work for ?
> > Can't say :-)
>Microsoft or the NSA? ;-)
Neither!  Neither Uncle Bill or Uncle Sam pays my mortgage.  Anyway, it's 
nothing grand, I just like to keep my OSS/Linux stuff separate from my paid 

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