yeah, I looked at the documentation but it ain't all that. I am running redhat

Brandon Fosdick <> on 03/31/99 03:58:02 PM

To:   Neb_Bosworth/ITS/DC/Aspen@ASPEN
Subject:  Re: GDM

Neb Bosworth wrote:
> I have been looking for info on how to set up gdm. I assume that it is
> the same as setting up xdm. I can't find decent xdm or gdm info on the net
> anywhere. If anyone has any pointers, I would appreciate it. Also, in just
> running gdm from the command line, it comes up with a generic setup. I wonder
> there is some way to get it to use gtk themes or use enligthenment.
> Neb

the source comes with a text file doc. its not all that great but I think it
describes themes.
What OS are you running it on? I've been trying to get it working on FreeBSD but
I'm not having much luck.


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