I have succeeded in setting up GDM.  I am using the most recent version
from rpm.  Following are instructions:

1.  From /etc/gdm, copy gnomerc to the user's directory as .gnomerc. 
Make sure you chown <user>:<user> .gnomerc and chmod 755 .gnomerc.

2.  Copy root's .xinitrc to the user's directory.  Make sure you chown
<user>:<user> .xinitrc and chmod 755 .xinitrc.

3.  In /etc/gdm/Sessions, type:

ln -s Gnome Default

4.  Test gdm from root:  Start gdm from a root prompt, and try a login. 
I should work and start gnome.  retry as a user and verify.

Note: Step two is only a fail-safe to preempt X from grabbing .Xclients
or .xsession.  If you want to use .Xclients, delete the .xinitrc. 

For more info, open the 'Gnome' and 'Xsession' files in the
/etc/gdm/Sessions directory.  These files show how and what gdm searches
for for each type of session.

Good luck.

BTW, did you see the /usr/doc/gdm??? directory?  It has a doc there
which describes the gdm.conf layout.

Neb Bosworth wrote:
> I have been looking for info on how to set up gdm. I assume that it is basically
> the same as setting up xdm. I can't find decent xdm or gdm info on the net
> anywhere. If anyone has any pointers, I would appreciate it. Also, in just
> running gdm from the command line, it comes up with a generic setup. I wonder if
> there is some way to get it to use gtk themes or use enligthenment.
> Neb
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