Re: gmc crashes on right-clickj

>    If I right-click on a file in gmc (in this case it's an executable
>  script called "install-gaime"), gmc dies with the following error and backtrace:
>  #5  0x80b5d82 in create_mime_actions (menu=0x82365d0, panel=0x81dd920, pos=2, 
>      dii=0x0) at gpopup2.c:360
>  #6  0x80b609f in create_actions (menu=0x82365d0, flags=59, panel=0x81dd920, 
>      dii=0x0) at gpopup2.c:447
>  #7  0x80b650f in gpopup_do_popup2 (event=0xbffff724, panel=0x81dd920, dii=0x0)
>                                                                        ^^^^^^^
>      at gpopup2.c:558
>  #8  0x80c3108 in panel_icon_list_select_icon (widget=0x821efa8, strchr=4, 
>      event=0xbffff724, panel=0x81dd920) at gscreen.c:1409

This is not the problem.  The problem is that line 359 of gpopup2.c is
thinking that you clicked on a desktop icon.  Can you please tell me
how to duplicate this behavior?  This would indicate some weird
corruption of a panel structure.

Also, if you can duplicate this, can you please go up to frame 7 and
tell me the value of *panel?


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