Re: gettext ... strikes back

    Make sure you have egcsobjc installed on your system. Make a link from
gcc to the egcs objc comiler (they should both be in /bin, i think). Then
gnome-objc will configure. Second, you need to disable NLS in everything if
you disable it in other packages. So go back and recompile gnome-libs with
the --disable-nls flag.

> Hi,
> I managed to install everything, exept the following:
> gnome-objc-1.0.2
>  (Error: Objective C compiler required but not found)
>  (I use gcc version
> gnome-media-1.0.1
> gnome-network-1.0.1
> gnome-games-1.0.2
> gnome-linuxconf-0.20
> gnome-chess-0.0.2
> gedit-0.5.1
> GXedit-1.22
> gnumeric-0.18
> gdm-1.0.0
> xchat-0.9.1
> go-0.1.35
> balsa-0.4.9
> gimp-1.1.3
> In all the above, exept objc, the error is an undefined reference to
> gettext, bindtextdomain, textdomain and the like.
> Using --disable-nls, either configure complains or it is the
> compiler that complaints with additional undefined references to
> gdettext, gettext and bindtextdomain.
> I am stuck!
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