Re: gmc and calendar

>  gmc 4.5.27:
>  - select an html file
>  - rigth click
>  - click on Open with Netscape
>  - Netscape fire up
>  - Netscape come up with 
>    'I cannot open //the/path/to/the/file//the/path/to/the/file'
>    (duplicate string)

Fixed.  Thanks for the report!

>  When I choose detailed view, I can't resize the fields to the left,
>  but I can resize to the rigth just fine (!?).

I will be fixing the CList and CTree behaviors the next week.

>  I wonder if showing the months in four columns instead of three
>  will make calendar look much better in "low" resolutions like 800x600

The year view actually needs to be scrollable.  I will fix soon.


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