Re: The rough edges ...

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Gerald Gutierrez wrote:
>-- GNOME is supposed to be the one hot attractions to entice desktop users
>to move to Linux. It is supposed to lure Windows users into a better
>computing world. Since most of them have never had to edit configuration
>files, I think making them edit their '.xinitrc' to put in gnome-session
>is already going to put a lot of them off. Don't laugh, many will notice
>the strange filename '.xinitrc' and it will /feel/ difficult for them to
>install and use. 

Imagine having joe average user download the linux kernel or a C library,
needing to compile it or configure it theirself.  Is that the way things
are done today for the majority of people?  Distributions were made for
that purpose, as it could be conceivably said that gnome will be
preconfigured for a distribution.  Windows isn't just thrown at you in its
various components, its packaged and configured as part of windows install
process.  And its conceivable that gnome will be configured as part of a
linux distribution install process.

And it took Windows until like what, 3.0 to be usable?  Gnome is usable
right now at 1.0.

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