Re: Some things GNOME really needs

On 25-Jun-99 Aaron M. Brown wrote:
> I was thinking that RedHat needs to include a new option with RPM that 
> would allow for the files in the RPM to be divided up into categories.
> each
> category would be given relative importance(mandatory, recommended and
> optional) and would have a description. This way one could have 1 RPM
> that gives the people the choices of what to install(would help with KDE
> and GNOME because i don't need half the stuff that comes with them)
> just my thoughts
> -Aaron

GNOME at least is split up into many RPMs, the above being one of the
reasons for such.  You only have to install the packages you want and
those packages that they are dependent on.  How does your suggestion
differ?  Perhaps people just need to break things up a little more.

Nathan Clegg

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