RE: Some things GNOME really needs

Gnorpm is the coolest thing ive seen when it comes to installing under any
Unix-like system, still, the normal newbie user is not acostumed to Gnome
and, for him,  it should be very easy to install anything.

Perhaps an intermediate solution is in order, rpm has the advantage of being
hands free so the tarball idea is somehow not-as-neat.... (come on, a front
end that controled all the things that can go wrong in the
configure-make-install cycle would be huge)

So maybe an interactive wizard IN gnorpm -maybe just an interface with less
options for the newbie, just to get him started- or an interactive
walkthrough would do the trick.

In less words:
    gnorpm is nice and easy but it needs some more work on the interface.
>From my point of view its one of the more important apps that Gnome can have
'cause its like a greeting card. The first thing a user does after
installing his OS is start looking for some other apps to install.

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