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> > When it comes to installing gnome from rpm, I'd see a very 
> important place
> > for a wizard/script which simply downloads rpms and does 
> rpm -Uvh foo.rpm
> > to each package in the appropriate order, starts gnome and 
> helps the user
> > set up some things (like walk the user through gnomecc) if 
> it is a first
> > time install.
> i agree on this!
> rpm install is some tips really pain in the ****
> when u get lots of failed dependencies and force

gnorpm checks for dependancies.
Or if your a console guy, use rpm -Uvh *.rpm
shold work if you just grab the whole gnome rpm directory.

as for updates,
open gnorpm, hit webfind, select gnome, and hit update... Problem solved
without writeing a single line of code.

> so a install script would be great which checks for all libraries
> or a gnome-complete-package with ./install in it ...
> and a gnome programm which connectes to the net and fetches the
> updates..perhaps where you could probably even select
> stable / unstable cvs??
> what do u think about....
> the installation shoudl really improve..
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