Re: feature suggestion

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Pierre [iso-8859-1] Léonard wrote:

> And thank's for the job around gnome. May I try a suggestion concerning
> the file management (mc). In the MAC OS environnement There is a very
> please shareware called popup finder. When you execute it, it trap the
> mouse clic when you are on top of a folder, the he open a popup window
> with the content of the folder in it. you can take, put, execute a file
> in it or continue to go insnide the file hierarchie. 

I think there was a Win95 PowerTool that did something similar.

> As you are in the step of the gmc rearchitecture, what is your feeling
> concerning the intégration of that feature.  KDE has a disknavigator,
> but my feeling is that having a "goinside" feature in a folder is more
> usefull. 

With, of course, this menu being a tear off, and each subdirectory being a
tear off, and being able to right click on a menu entry and get its gmc
properties page, and being able to drag entries to the panel (as
launchers/folders/drawers - like the system menu... ooh, what else?

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