Re: can't logout from gnome-session

On Sun, 13 Jun 1999 00:05:07 +0000 (GMT), you wrote:

>On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Terrapin wrote:
>->I also get this problem (both root and user) without sendmail running.
>->It happens seemingly randomly. After several hours of using Gnome, I
>->go to logout and nothing happens.
>->standard RH6 release. All Gnome stuff updated to current RPM's (this
>->was happening before)
>This caught me a few times also. There are actually a few reasons why this
>can occur. The main reason is when an application doesn't respond to
>Gnome's "I'm shutting down now" message. Usually this is because that
>application has hung (netscape was always the main culprit for me).

Ahhhh... that makes sense... Gives me something to look for now.
I've been having problems with an incorrect ioctl from sound. I've
disabled my sound card completely. Maybe this will stop the freezing
in the RH splash screen. Haven't tried it yet.

I'm also back in Windoze because I just screwed up dns stuff while
playing with KDE. :-(

>Sometimes, waiting a while will actually do the job. Sometimes (don't ask
>me why) clicking on the desktop triggers shutdown.
>Most times, if Gnome freezes when you click logout, type "save-session
>--kill" in an xterm, and that'll fix it.

I've rarely had Gnome freeze. Just the failure to log out. I can keep
using Gnome. To log out, I open a console and shutdown  :-(

>I must say however, that when I upgraded to core 1.0.6 and libs 1.0.10,
>this problem went away. I have only had one delay since upgrading, and
>this time, a little box popped up telling me that Netscape wasn't
>resonding, and would I like to terminate it? Very cool. A good reason to
>upgrade if you ask me.

YES!!! Lots of bad stuff from running Netscape 4.6

>I can never get over how quickly gnome developers implement stuff.

I have core 1.0.5-2  and libs 1.0.10-2 from:
I'm assuming this is the best place to get the latest RPM's.

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