Re: xscreensaver hangs Linux

>Vidiot <> writes:
>| Yesterday I turned it off and the system hangs hung.  The system wasn't
>| touch for longer than the last time it frooze.
>You mean that you have killed the xscreensaver process and then you
>let the system stand idle for a long time before it froze ?

No.  I updated the xsreensaver using the Redhat 6.0 RPM that is available

Because of other gnome problems, I removed all of my .gnome files, so
xscreensaver was back in default mode; random @ 20 minutes.

I'd leave the system for an extended period and when I came back, it was
frozen.  The only way to get the system back was to push the reset button.
So, early this morning I reconfigured gnome to turn off xscreensaver.  I went
to bed and 8+ hours later, the system was still running.

>If so, what are you running and what kind of OS + distribution are you

Sorry, I should have mentioned it.  Stock Redhat 6.0, with the updated
gnome files at the site mentioned above.

Also, before I had removed my .gnome files, I had set the screensaver to
that clock thing (sorry, forget the exact name) and no password required.
It never locked the system.  My guess it is one of the other modes that
causes the problem.  When it freezes, the screen doesn't give  clue as to
which version it is, other than it isn't the clock :-)

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