Re: control-center and screensaver problem

Michael ROGERS <> writes:

> I have the same problem. I think you need a .desktop file for each hack. I 
> think these are included in the RPM but not in the tarball, so you might have 
> to create your own .desktop files, or install the RPM, copy the files, and 
> uninstall it  =OZ

Hello Michael !

That is the strange thing. They _are_ in the tarball. And all of the .desktop 
files are now in the PATH_TO_GNOME/share/control-center/.data directory.
I also can click on these .desktop files with gmc and can be happy about 
the starting screensaver.
But all of them dont appear in the control-center.

It drives me to despair.

Greetings - Jens

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