some Enlightenment questions

I've got a few E questions.

I've read the entire help from back to front, even saw Raster's wicked
picture and cool sunglasses (?) :DD

but I've got a few questions.

I've gotten the Enlightenment 0.15-990120 or so that's on the gnome ftp

I failed to find any file called user_mail.cfg in the E config directory,
that I'm supposed to personalize by copying it to .englightenment in my

Is it called something else? My E seems fully functional at least, I'm
wondering why it's not there.

My other question is how would I change the location of the buttons at the
bottom? I'm an avid user of the Gnome panel, and don't want those buttons
covering my applets :) but I DO want the buttons, cleanup, quit, etc. to
be onscreen. any ideas?

thanks for any help :)

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