Re: Bug in Enlightenment?


>the image list for E got so long the configure script sed line was too
>long ( > 4096 chars) and thus it barfed alreayd.. so i now have to
>manually maintain a list of files... :( even my lines there might be
>too long.. :( there may be problems with make on solaris reading those
>long lines even.

I use Gnu Make anyway, as Solaris Make can't do the recursive thing as well.  
Shame, as it means I can't do a distributed make and piss all my colleagues off 

>I know.. I'm sorry to say this.. but multi-head isnt on the top of my
>list for 0.15 - it'd like it to work, but it seems impractical to be
>able to since I only have a singlehead machine. If this is the only
>problem I could delay the load for :0.1 till after :0.0 finishes.

I'm pretty sure that would do it.  Worth a try.  I quite understand that you 
can't prioritise or properly test this yourself, and was more than a little 
chuffed when proper Multi-headed support of *any* form arrived in E within a 
week of me mentioning it here... ;O)

<cheeky> While you're at it, could you fix it so that the two iterations also 
know of each other's existence, so clicking "Restart" doesn't complain that a WM 
is already running, and clicking "Exit" doesn't leave the E on the other screen 
still running? </cheeky>

As a workaround, I'm using the Gnome Panel to control logout, and never doing a 
Restart, which is a pain.

None of it can't be lived through though - and it's better dual screen support 
than AfterStep, which a colleague has had to really hack to make do the right 
thing =OZ

In the long run, though, the Sun Xserver will be able to treat both screens as a 
single display, and this will go away, so don't spend too much time on it.  When 
that happens, I'll be posting a 2560x1024 screenshot to ;O)


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