Re: esound

This is a pretty good idea.. I've always thought the Esound VU meter is
cool, but that it should be a gnome Panel applet instead of a window :)
that would be damn cool :)

On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, mpalczew wrote:

>Well just this morning I was playing some mp3's with emusic.  For some 
>reason or other I stopped emusic and played something using esddsp amp
>Nine_Inch_Nail-The_Perfect_Drug.mp3 .  Than I noticed that I left the
>spectrum analyzer to emusic running and it was analyzing the music that
>amp was playing.  I started to think that it would be relativly easy to
>write visual plugins for just about any sound playing program that can
>use esd in one way or other. Since you don't have to worry about what
>program your writing it for. So I was wondering what are your thoughts on
>this.  Has this already been done?  If not than how can I get some
>documentation on esd so I can write a big visual analyzer we can all trip
>out to.  

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