panel and gmake failure: " assertion failed".

I saw today that gnome came with my RedHat PowerTools 5.1 and installed
all rpm's. (Sorry but I'm newbie).
Everything's running ok except for "panel"; which seems to be something
like kde's taskbar. Right?
When I run "panel" from an xterm I get the following error message:

----- begin -----
debug: need old_cfg here assertion failed

** ERROR **: Could not communicate with the panel

-----  end  -----

Reading a few things, I saw that "/usr/doc/mico/README" says that I have
to copy "/usr/doc/mico/examples" to "~/examples/" and within there
running: "gmake".
But it always appears the same " assertion failed" even
when running "gmake".

- Does it mean some error with "mico" or "gtk" ? (I don't know what mico
and gtk or gtk+ are. Are they "libraries"?). Anyway "rpm -q" shows that
gtk is installed.

- Is it compatible to install gnome being "qt-1.4" installed ?



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