The downtime for CVS/WWW/FTP has been delayed until approximately 8:00 am
EST due to problems getting the power backup systems ready in the new
facility.  Expect at least a couple of hours for the move.


On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 11:28:09PM -0500, Michael Fulbright wrote:
> Greetings GNOME types - 
> Red Hat is moving to new offices Jan 28, and the CVS/WWW/FTP will be
> going down at 2pm EST. It will be down an indeterminate time as
> everything is switched to a new building, although I expect it will
> be less than a couple hours down.
> People at Red Hat and RHAD Labs will probably be unavailable via email
> for the weekend, as we are making new dialup arrangements.
> Unlike the previous down time this month, which was a hardware failure,
> I do not anticipate an extended downtime unless our service provider
> has trouble we can't control.
> Thanks
> Dr Mike
> Director, RHAD Labs

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