Re: gtcd bug

Quoting Michael K. Johnson <>:
> Erik Andersen writes:
> >I bet you ejected via the cdrom eject button, not from gtcd, right?
> Wrong.  I only used the eject button in gtcd, never the physical button
> on the drive.  This bug is absolutely 100% repeatable.  Here's the
> sequence of events:
> 1) put in CD, play it
> 2) CD finishes
> 3) I press gtcd's eject button
>    Now gtcd correctly knows that there is no CD in the unit, and
>    says so on its display.
> 4) I remove CD from drive
> 5) I put new CD in drive
> 6) I close CD drawer (physically, because the eject button will
>    not suck the drive closed)
> 7) gtcd knows that a disk has been added, because the state goes
>    from no disk in drive to a display.  Unfortunately, it is always,
>    without fail, convinced that it is the old CD.
> 8) I quit and restart gtcd, at which point it discovers the new disk.
> michaelkjohnson

Hmm.  Ok, ignore all my earlier device driver stuff -- it doesn't
apply.  This is a bug in gtcd.  (Sometimes, knowing too much is a 
bad thing ;)   Is Tim still maintaining gtcd?  I don't think it used
to do that (I have an old text only version Tim sent me a year ago 
on my disk somewhere).

Erik B. Andersen   Web: 
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