Re: gtcd bug

Quoting Michael K. Johnson <>:
> I played a disk in gtcd, then ejected it and put in a new one, but gtcd
> still thought it was the old disk.  I couldn't get gtcd to download the
> new cddb entry without quitting and restarting.
> michaelkjohnson

I bet you ejected via the cdrom eject button, not from gtcd, right? This
is a general weakness in the linux kernel cdrom drivers (which I just
happen to know something about ;). Basically, the ATAPI standard didn't
provide a method of notifying the OS that a CD was changed, and I was
unwilling to add any ugly polling routines to the cdrom drivers to see
if the disc had changed.

Eventually, our friends at Microsoft added in a proprietary ATAPI
extension to provide this information. This stuff was later folded into
SFF 8090, which has now been incorporated into the SCSI-3 MMC-2 spec.
Anyway, I never added in support for this stuff into the ide-cd driver
(which I'm assuming here that you are using).

If you would like to hack the kernel a bit this would be a nice, not
too difficult project. I'd be happy to help you out and comment on your
work, but I have too much on my plate right now to implement this myself.


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