Re: Problems _compiling_ mc...

>  Sorry about that post, guess the issue had nothing todo with gnome. I
>  removed the slang bit, since gmc actually is the one I'm after, but
>  now I'm getting another error:
>  tory_supports'
>  FileManager.h:60: conflicting types for
>  `GNOME_GenericFactory_create_object'
>  /usr/local/include/libgnorba/gnome-factory.h:60: previous declaration
>  of `GNOME_GenericFactory_create_object'
>  gcorba.c: In function `corba_register_server':
>  gcorba.c:202: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type

Do the following:

	cd mc/gnome
	rm -f FileManager*

If you make after that, it should work.


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