Problems _compiling_ mc...

I finally managed to configure the latest cvs mc (thanks to Richard
Hult) by exporting some ACLOCAL_FLAG, but now I can't compile. Hope
I'm not being too stupid now. I've got all the cvs stuff from today
(during the last three-four hours), running redhat 5.2 with slang
0.99.38-8, but can't get it to work. I've done a clean checkout from

Here are the errors:

make[2]: Leaving directory `/opt/src/mc/edit'
/bin/rm -f libedit.a
ln -s ../edit/libedit.a .
gcc  -o mc dir.o util.o screen.o dialog.o key.o keyxdef.o menu.o
file.o win.o co          lor.o help.o find.o profile.o user.o view.o
ext.o mouse.o setup.o dlg.o option.o           tree.o widget.o chmod.o
mad.o wtools.o info.o cons.handler.o chown.o subshell.o          
terms.o boxes.o hotlist.o achown.o layout.o fsusage.o mountlist.o 
regex.o comp          lete.o slint.o command.o cmd.o main.o panelize.o
learn.o listmode.o utilunix.o b          ackground.o rxvt.o text.o
popt.o findme.o poptparse.o poptconfig.o popthelp.o fi         
legui.o filenot.o fileopctx.o treestore.o -L../vfs -L../slang
-L../edit -lvfs-mc           -lslang -ledit -lgpm  -lintl 
-L/usr/local/lib -lglib     
util.o: In function `get_current_wd':
/opt/src/mc/src/util.c:848: the `getwd' function is dangerous and
should not be           used.
slint.o: In function `SLang_getkey2':
/opt/src/mc/src/slint.c:103: undefined reference to `SLsys_getkey'
slint.o: In function `SLang_input_pending2':
/opt/src/mc/src/slint.c:115: undefined reference to
make[1]: *** [mc] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/src/mc/src'
make: *** [all] Error 1
[root@bug mc]# 


Any hints?

Lars Erik

Lars Erik Kolden
+47 22 18 71 79
+47 22 02 53 18

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