Bug in gnome-canvas-polygon.c


I am using the Gnome canvas for plotting data, and it appears that
there is a bug in the polygon item code.  Specifically, giving it a
color argument of type "outline_color_gdk" or "fill_color_gdk" will
cause wierd drawing problems, when using an aa canvas.  The problem
is in gnome_canvas_polygon_set_args, lines 410 to 415 and 446 to 451.
The code needs to take into account the anti-aliased canvas, but the
current code just sets the gc color.

A workaround is to use the color_rgba args instead of the gdk ones
when the aa canvas is being used, but all the other canvas items
behave correctly with the gdk args.


BTW, is it likely that the non aa canvas will ever support rotated
text?  Many of the computers that will use my application will be
to heavily loaded to run the aa canvas normally, but it is
essential that rotated text is available.

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