Re: gnome-pager no longer functions properly

Try right-clicking on the panel, and select this panel properties.  On 
the left side of the properties window, select a radio button to move 
the panel to, say, the right or left side (anywhere other than where 
it is).  The Pager may suddenly appear.  If it does, go back to 
properties and put the panel back where it was originally.  It is a 
bug of sorts.

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On 1/25/99, 12:22:35 PM, "Jeffrey W. Baker" <> wrote regarding 
gnome-pager no longer functions properly:

> Hi,

> I am using all the latest source tarballs from jimpick on a Slackware
> 3.6 system with XFree86 and icewm.  When I start the gnome
> pager, it doesn't display itself.  The other things on the panel 
> over a few pixels as if something is going to happen, but the pager
> never displays.  It is running, though, since it shows up in the 
> list.

> Wish I could diagnose the problem, but gnome-guts are not my thing.  
> I love the gnome pager dearly, so I hope someone can fix this.

> -jwb
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> Jeffrey W. Baker
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> Speaking for myself only, of course

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