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On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Bryan wrote:

> Hello,
> Im new to linux.  I want to get it threw ftp, but all the sites that i
> visit have 100's of files and I dont know which ones to get.  If someone

If you're new to linux, trust me you don't want to get it via FTP, even if
you've got a high bandwidth connection. You want a bootable CD and you
don't want to do this by yourself. For the first time it would be best for
you to get a shrink-wrapped distribution from RedHat (,
SuSE (, or any other distributor. They come with a bootable
CD, a handbook and step-by-step instructions for installation and cost
something like $50 (don't pin me on that). If you're really low on money,
you should get hold of someone near you knowing Linux, then you could get
the free version of RedHat (the same as the shrink-wrapped minus
commercial software (you don't want that, anyway :-) and the handbook) at
CheapBytes ( for something like $1.99. But as a
first-timer you would be better off with a handbook.

> could give me a list of all the files (it's probably pretty big, so i
> understand if you dont give it to me), or give me some tips, i would
> appreaciat it very much. -> Gnome FTP

You'll better get precompiled binaries, e.g. in the RPM format (this is a
package management format common in the Linux world, RedHat, SuSE and some
others use it). Compiling it from the sources can be a bit tricky.

> Also, I'm wondering if Gnome is downloadable.  As i understand I need linux
> before Gnome. And how much Ram, memory and all that stuff do I need?

You don't need Linux, but some kind of Unix with the X Window System.
PC-wise there would be FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD as free or Solaris as the
non-free (free as in free speech, not free beer, disclaimer, yadda yadda)
alternatives. But as it seems to be tested most thoroughly on Linux you
would be best off with it, yes.

> As you can see, i dont know much, im hopeing all of you can help me.

Not knowing much is no mistake, a mistake would be to not know that you
don't know much :-)

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