Re: Linux

> Im new to linux.  I want to get it threw ftp, but all the sites that i more victim to add to the Collective. ;)

> visit have 100's of files and I dont know which ones to get.  If someone
> could give me a list of all the files (it's probably pretty big, so i
> understand if you dont give it to me), or give me some tips, i would
> appreaciat it very much.

I guess, I'm a bit confused by your question.  Are you asking what ftp
sites you can visit to download Gnome?  I'd check out,
and then click on "Compiling GNOME".  You should also read the Gnome FAQ
as well.

Secondly, click on "Gnome FTP", and you should be able to get to the ftp
sites that have all the gnome software.  Since you are relatively new
to Linux, I would get the red hat RPMS (if you are using Red Hat Linux).

> Also, I'm wondering if Gnome is downloadable.  As i understand I need linux
> before Gnome. And how much Ram, memory and all that stuff do I need?

It varies.  It depends on how fancy you want GNOME to be.  I would say
32Megs minimum on a 486 machine.  I bet you can get GNOME and Linux
running on a 2Gig hard drive easily.

> As you can see, i dont know much, im hopeing all of you can help me.

We all started out not knowing much, even Linus. ;)  Maybe later you'll be
a big shot GNOME developer programming some cool apps.  Good luck!


Sri Ramkrishna         /|\ Unix is very user friendly, its just very picky
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