Re: problems compiling gtkicq

> You are welcome.  I just wish I had the time to fix the "system()" stuff
> instead of whining about it in the code.  :-)  I must admit that doing
> it as a quickie to get on to more important details (actual
> functionality) is a good idea, but we do have to back and clean it up. 
> Maybe I will find a moment some time.

I haven't had the time to look into how to do those things w/o using
system calls.  I know it's not terribly elegant, but it works for now.  If
you want to fix that up, feel free ;-)

> I seem to be having difficulties adding people.  I got search to return
> some data once, but no more.  Adding by UIN doesn't even work.  Data
> goes back and forth to but nothing.

That's really strange.  I've never had trouble getting add by UIN to work.
There was a minor issue with the rest of the searches, but the version
sitting on my desktop right this minute works fine using all methods of
search (I just tried them).

> Have you (anyone) made a "print-icq" module for tcpdump?

You can dump the packets by setting "Dump Packets" on the Network tab in
the options.  This will dump the ICQ packets out to stdout, and if you
capture that, you can see what's going on.


Jeremy Wise

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