Re: problems compiling gtkicq

from the quill of Jeremy Wise <> on scroll
> I'll get these changes applied and added to the CVS probably in a day
> or
> two.  Some of them have already been fixed, but the rest should be
> fixed
> soon.  Thanks for the contribution.

You are welcome.  I just wish I had the time to fix the "system()" stuff
instead of whining about it in the code.  :-)  I must admit that doing
it as a quickie to get on to more important details (actual
functionality) is a good idea, but we do have to back and clean it up. 
Maybe I will find a moment some time.

I seem to be having difficulties adding people.  I got search to return
some data once, but no more.  Adding by UIN doesn't even work.  Data
goes back and forth to but nothing.

Have you (anyone) made a "print-icq" module for tcpdump?


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