gnomecc run bug

This is an apology for wasting the time of the list members with my
previous question about "gnomecc compiles but won't run" -- I had an
older (0.3.0) copy of ORBit on the system, installed from an RPM by who
knows who (it's not part of RedHat 5.2....)  Grrr...  

I haven't tried it out yet (ORBit 0.3.91 is still recompiling), but I'm
confident that this was the problem, since the older libraries were in
/usr/lib (searched first by ldd, no doubt), but the newer ones were in
/usr/local/lib.  Worse, I'd bet that I didn't have the older headers on
my system, so I was probably compiling against newer headers and linking
against older libs.  Not a recipe for success....
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