Some problems with mc, gmc

Hi there,

First, congrats on the GNOME work, it's great and getting better! Keep up
the good work!

I'm having some problems with mc and gmc (4.5.9). I'm running a RH4.1 Linux

1) mc: if I choose 'Edit', mc segfaults. After examining the code, it looks
as if the problem is in 'edit/edit.c'. Around line 350 it does a

     edit_load_syntax (edit, 0, 0)

This function is defined (in edit/syntax.c) as

    void edit_load_syntax (WEdit * edit, char **names, char *type)

The 'names' parameter doesn't like to be 0....

I did a 'configure' without any args, but somehow it seems that mc mixes up
the 'real' version of the syntax hightlighting stuff with the 'dummy'
version, decided by

    #if !defined(MIDNIGHT) || defined(HAVE_SYNTAXH)

BTW, commenting out the syntax highlighting stuff in edit.c works.

2) In gmc, the file binding (mime stuff) doesn't work, file types don't show
their icons (only dirs en core files), and when clicked on a file I get:

    GLib-CRITICAL **: file ghash.c: line 131 (g_hash_table_lookup):
    hash_table != NULL' failed.

This behaviour was also present in 4.5.7. This may well be a GLIB problem,
as people have complained about problems with glib hashtables.


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