Off-Topic: Gnome game Beta testers wanted

Hi. I'm looking here for a few beta testers since most people would have
the latest glib/gtk/gnome stuff.

The game is called 'TryPeaks" a clone of a similarly named game
available on windowz. It is a solitaire-type card game. It's in the same
spirit as freecell or aisleriot. (it is derived from aisleriot)

Features include:

100% .INI file compatibility with the windowz game
sound support
card drag-and-drop
familiar user interface for windows refugees
extra 'time' statistic

It requires you to have the gnome-games module since it uses the
cardimage library from freecell. Ideally someone in charge will want to
add it to gnome-games or it will need more work to be standalone.

Right now the game is finished and only minor program modifications (and
documentation of course!) will be done. 

What I mainly need are people on platforms other than linux/intel. I
have no idea what I may have done wrong that will break on other
platforms. Also, internationalization support is sketchy at best.

If you are interested please email me back privately (don't cc
gnome-list please :)  I will respond within a couple of days.


-- -----------------------------------------------
Sean McLaughlin     <>

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