Re: Error compiling elightenment 990120

On Sun, Jan 24, 1999 at 03:24:21AM -0500, wrote:

> ->  using the '990113-990115', '990115-990120' diffs. They may be in the
> diffs? dont look at me - i dont maintain any diffs. you're on your own
> here.

  Wasn't looking at you in particular :-) just hoping it would catch 
somebodies attention. I wonder where the diffs are coming from then,
some office down the hall ? mirrors doing them on their own ?
  If they don't come from the GNOME team its probably asking a bit
for the people who making the diffs/upgrades to get them right all the
time unless they actually sit down and apply, compile and test them
out and figure out what is all needed if it doesn't work (not meant
disrespectfully but I'd bet the people offering the service/mirrors
all have better things to do :-)
  Oh well, guess I'll try the diffs first and if they don't work for
whatever reason I'll just go back and grab the new complete tarball.

Why did CNN cancel that cool 'Desert Storm' show ?

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