Re: Error compiling elightenment 990120

Worked fine for me. What are you on? :-)

Your problem, I suspect, is that you did not properly cleanup after
your previous compile.

I recommend you read:
before trying to compile any more GNOME software out of CVS.

Cleaning up properly is outlined in there..


On Sat, Jan 23, 1999 at 04:59:28PM -0800, Michael Hall wrote:
>   Just trying to upgrade Enlightenment to the 990120 stuff and get the
> following while trying to compile it:
> make[5]: Entering directory
> `/usr/local/src/Work/GNOME/enlightenment-0.15.0-990120.TEST/src/themes/DEFAULT/pix'
> make[5]: *** No rule to make target `diagonal1.png', needed by `all'.  Stop.

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