Re: Error compiling elightenment 990120

On Sat, Jan 23, 1999 at 08:58:30PM -0500, wrote:

> ->    Looks like we're missing some files, if I 'touch' them then everything
> ->  goes on and compiles okay. I used the diff files to upgrade so I would
> ->  assume thats the problem (hard to make a png in a diff :-) but I was
> ->  trying to save bandwidth. Is it possible to make available an archive
> ->  containing the new files ?
> thay are int he tarballs and in cvs - cvs status shows the committed
> and versioned, and tar ztf ont he tarball shows them. You have a
> problem wiht your system 9eiother cvs update didnt add the files) or
> you ran out of disk space when untarring or something.

  You missed my point, I have the '990113' tarball and upgraded to '990120'
using the '990113-990115', '990115-990120' diffs. They may be in the
'990120' tarball but that doesn't help somebody trying to save some band-
width and use the diffs instead of grabbing new tarballs each time. If the
new .png's can't be made available in a seperate upgrade tarball along
with the diffs I guess we'll have to go back to grabbing tarballs, the
diffs are useless without the files that go with them :-(
  Guess I didn't figure it'd that big of a deal to package up the diff
along with the new files in an 'upgrade-xxx-yyy' tarball.  

> ->  diagonal1.png
> ->  diagonal2.png
> ->  horizontal.png
> ->  radial1.png
> ->  radial2.png
> ->  radial3.png
> ->  radial4.png
> ->  vertical.png

There *is* no 'try'. Either do, or do not. -Yoda

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