Re: Error compiling elightenment 990120

On Sun, Jan 24, 1999 at 02:44:30PM +1100, Robert Thomson wrote:

> Worked fine for me. What are you on? :-)
> Your problem, I suspect, is that you did not properly cleanup after
> your previous compile.
> I recommend you read:
> before trying to compile any more GNOME software out of CVS.
> Cleaning up properly is outlined in there..

  Aargh, I have to ask you the same question, what are you on ?
This is the second response now thats totally off the mark. Don't you guys
read the messages before jumping on them ? If you did or would go back and
look I said tarballs (as in *ftp*) no where did I ever mention cvs.
  So once again the '990113' tarball which I have works fine, I grabbed
the '990113-990115.diff', '990115-990120.diff' diffs and as of '990115'
the new png files were added and since diff doesn't work on pngs :-)
the new png's aren't there. After applying the diffs you wind up with a
'990120' source requiring the new pngs without the accompanying new pngs.
  All I was looking for was if the new pngs could also be made available.
If diffs are going to be supplied for the tarballs we also need any non-text
files the changes made may require. Something like an 'upgrade-xxx-yyy'
tarball that includes the diff itself as well as the new files, one with
out the other is useless. Sure it requires a little bit more work, but it's
still a lot better to be able to grab a few K upgrade tarball vs a 4 meg
  Just trying to save some bandwidth on both ends, especially since the
postings pointing out the loads on the servers already. I've used cvs on
a couple of other projects I was actively involved in but with GNOME I'm
just on the user end of things and there is no sense in me adding to the
load on the servers. I just happen to like GNOME and like to stay some
what up to date with it and follow it along and hopefully may be able to
contribute something back in the future.

The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.

Mike Hall <>, (MH993)   -
System Administrator (*nix, Perl, CGI hacker, certified OS/2 Specialist)

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