Re: imlib and png trouble

> >    >My personal impression is that this is what happens: Imlib fails to
> >    >load the png module (due to some reason: bad libtool used when

> >    Well, I *think* I can confirm this. I just fetched and installed
> >    libtool 12.d,
> >    ....

> > Also have libtool 1.2d and gdk_imlib doesn't want to use the png
> > library.  Things have been slow and outlined in black lately.  If I
> > "hide" convert then none of the PNG images will load, so I assume that
> > to track it down...
> if you've got libpng, try making a distclean in imlib, remove config.h
> from
> jaKa

Ok, on closer investigation, this is definitely due to a bad libtool.
It's not finding some of the libraries (including -lc (!)) at times.

Good ole alpha software. Somebody should maintain an up-to-date list
of what programs/libraries/utilities are useable/needed with this

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