Re: gnome slow

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Szabo, Balazs wrote:

>   I've found that  the gnome is slower than kde. It  is very interesting
> for me,  becausewhen I  first met with  gtk, I found  that there  can be
> written fast programs with it.

So use KDE or make GNOME quicker.  Or get over it.

>   Now I see that  the gnome panel needs a lot of  time to initialize the
> applets and  the gnome control-center  needs a lot  of time to  load the
> configuration panels (capplets), etc.

The current GNOME code has a lot of debugging stuff in it.  For a panel
applet, some messges will probably have to go through half-a-dozen
different layers, and if each of those is checking and sanitising data
then things will get slow.

I've yet to find GNOME slower than KDE on my lowly K6-200..


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