Re: gnome slow


||  >  I've  found that  the  gnome  is  slower  than kde.  It  is  very
|| > for  me, becausewhen I first met  with gtk, I found  that there can
|| > written fast programs with it.
|| So use KDE or make GNOME quicker. Or get over it.
Not a dead idea (the first and the second) :)

|| The  current GNOME code  has a  lot of debugging  stuff in it.  For a
|| applet, some messges will probably have to go through half-a-dozen
|| different  layers, and if  each of  those is checking  and sanitising
|| then things will get slow.
I see.  It is  surprising anyway,  becase the  first versions  about 0.3
was faster  than KDE. I am  not a KDE user,  because I think it  has not
enough  configurability (kdewm  I mean),  and I  cannot make  the system
fit to my needs.
I found that  the work that gnome-developers do is  really good, because
I see  the program  has more  functionality, more  programs, etc,  but I
can see the slowdowns and the instability in the panel.
  I hope that the  work will continue, and you find all  the bugs in the

              Isten ovja a kepernyot! God save the screen!

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