Re: GNOME-SQL version 0.1

> Maybe the GNOME hackers don't like the name I've chosen, so if somebody
> disagree with GNOME-SQL, tell me and I'll change it to whatever other name.

Thats a dangerous proposition. ;)  You could try:

GESQL (Gnome Enhanced SQL)
GESC (Gnome Enhanced SQL Client)
SCUG (SQL Client Using Gnome)

You could use some off the wall stuff like:

Butterfly (moves from flower to flower, kinda like how your client will
connect db to db) (I know it's lame. hah. :)


> The URL is :

Looks snazzy, I'm in the market for one of these things but I would really
would love mySQL.  I'm not familar with mysql as of yet to help write a
driver.  I might look at your API and see if I can do something since I
would like one.


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