GNOME-SQL version 0.1

Hi all!

I've just released the first version of GNOME-SQL, which is a tool for
accessing databases from different RDBMS. Right now (version 0.1) only
PostgreSQL is supported but I am right now starting to include MySQL and
later on I will do with ODBC...

Current version is quite stable (in my system at least) so I ask people
interested in it to try it in order to detect bugs.

Maybe the GNOME hackers don't like the name I've chosen, so if somebody
disagree with GNOME-SQL, tell me and I'll change it to whatever other name.

Another thing: the makefiles are hardcoded with my system's settings, so you
may have to change it. If somebody wants to convert them to make use of
autoconf/automake, please let me know and email the changes to me.

The URL is :

Cheers and enjoy

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