Re: GNOME-SQL version 0.1

Sri Ramkrishna wrote:

> > The URL is :
> >
> Looks snazzy, I'm in the market for one of these things but I would really
> would love mySQL.  I'm not familar with mysql as of yet to help write a
> driver.  I might look at your API and see if I can do something since I
> would like one.

Hrmm, funny thing is that I am working on basically the same thing,
except mine is written with perl-gtk.  This gives me the flexibility of
connecting to any database with a DBI driver, which is practically every
database that I can think of including stupid ones like Access.

My GUI uses a tree structure with the available drivers at the top
level.  On the next level are the available datasources, then the
tables.  You can drag-and-drop tables from one DB to the other, or
records from one table to another.  This is only tested with
mySQL<->Oracle, though.

Anyway, nice to see that someone else is working on a similar project. 
I would probably get complacent without any competition.


Jeffrey W. Baker
Critical Path, Inc
Speaking for myself only, of course

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