Re: mc-4.5.9 problems

> I'm not at all sure that this is the correct thing to do, but it
> compiled.  I'm using imlib 1.9.1, with gtk+-1.1.13 on:

How strange.  gdk_imlib_inlined_png_to_image is in Imlib.

What is the output of imlib --libs-gdk?

> Also, if I click on the root directory (/) in the directory tree, it 
> doesn't show up in the right pane, and the location box doesn't change.

Fixed 3 hours ago on cvs.

> After all that negative stuff, I think that gmc looks like it's going
> to be a really awesome file manager.  It's already better than
> anything else I've seen on Unix.  The only feature I would like to see
> is a "small icon" view, sort of like that in (hack, cough) Windows
> Explorer.  

Interesting feature reqeust.  I will consider it :-)


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