Re: [rms gnu org: Congratulations on GNOME]

[ Note that will probably bounce rms's reply 
  again, so I will forward when I get it ]

> Reading stallman's praises gives me the courage to ask if there is any
> chance that emacs will become gnome aware.

There is a high chance yes.  And as far as I know Richard was
interested in integrating patches.

I did attempt once to do this.  The widget support is very simple and
could be done rapidly.  But Emacs uses Xlib calls to draw directly
into the screen in a number of places, and in GNOME you need to use
Gdk calls.

My understanding is that the Open/NeXTStep people have patches to
Emacs that abstract all of the drawing primitives.  So, I would rather
start from that work than redoing it all over again.


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