Re: Unidentified subject!

> the people with 'write' access (i.e. Only people with actual 
> applications or actually working on GNOME are allowed to get it) - 
> This should prevent 'newbie' and 'non-developers' from using 
> anoncvs just for the "fun" of "bleeding edge"

I'm not sure if thats the best idea.  The people getting the bleeding
developer stuff are the people who are going to give you bug reports.
You're taking away the audience that can help with testing.

Is there anyway to automatically create tar images and distribute it to
a site like sunsite or other high bandwidth archival site?  Personally
this CODA idea sounds pretty cool.  I use AFS at work, and it's heavily
used for cross site work and it seems to do an effective job.  One could
architect a good solution using CODA. 


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